We're back

...and this time, we're better than ever

After a long and highly anticipated wait, the TEDx team at the University of Leeds are back.

Having assembled our 2018/2019 committee we are all beyond excited about what the following academic year holds and focused on bringing you the best event to date

We've been working really hard as a team so far to bring you that little bit extra this year. So, this semester we are starting by launching a weekly blog which we plan to fill with updates about the upcoming events, exciting posts about the outstanding research and researchers at the University of Leeds and much more.

Stay tuned for more updates, posts and event news, but in the meantime- it would be rude not to introduce you to our team....

Dillon Wilson


“I'm excited to be working with a new and talented team, to deliver the most powerful and moving TEDxUniversityofLeeds talk yet.

I completed my BSc in Computer Science in Summer 2018. I'm now an intern in the School of Computing, developing the outreach and blended learning programmes.” 

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Stewart Holloway

Vice President

 “Hello TED community! I'm Stewart Holloway, Vice Organiser of the TEDxUniversityofLeeds event 2018/19.

Studying Medicinal Chemistry and pursuing a summer placement in which I synthesised a Drug Delivery Polymer within the University of Leeds Chemistry research labs, two of my main values lie with that of enabling the creation and sharing of knowledge.

Here in Leeds, with the new TEDx team on board, I am able to play an active role in the development of a platform in which revolutionising research can be conveyed. I’m looking forward to the process of advancing our event and hope to bring a fulfilling insight into what our society, when working together, can offer.”

Jacob Smith

Sponsorships & Budgets Manager

“I'm Jacob, I'm and MMath student here at the University of Leeds. I've spent the past year working in investment management and I'm on the committee as the Sponsorships and Budgets Manager.

I've always loved what TED has to offer and I'm excited to help bring it back to Leeds, better than ever!”

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Megan Holt

Event Manager

"Hey! I'm Megan, I am a fourth year physicist and I'm this year's TEDx University of Leeds event manager.

As event manager, it's my job to create a great experience for everyone attending our events! I work closely with the stage manager and run day-of event activities.

I am currently also the events representative for LUU Vertical Fitness and have volunteered with LUU backstage and at Edinburgh fringe in technical theatre and customer service, so I have plenty of experience!" 

Xanthe Mitten

Stage Manager

“Hi I'm Xanthe - I study International Development here at the wonderful University of Leeds.

I love being involved in making people’s ideas and visions come to life and that is why I love stage managing shows and events.

I am thrilled to be a part of the TEDx committee as the stage manager, and I look forward to putting on an event with a wonderful team that you won't want to miss!”

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Yusuf Rafique


“Hi my name is Yusuf, I am a graduate from the University of Warwick, and I am now studying for an MSc in International Business from Leeds Business School.

Having worked as part of TEDx in Operations at my previous university, I am determined to make this year’s conference at Leeds a thrilling success!

I am thoroughly looking forward to bringing my expertise to the TEDx committee but also learning from others to deliver an awesome event this year.”

Charlotte Knibbs


“I am an MA Race and Resistance History student here at The University of Leeds. I have recently moved back to the area from Nottingham where I graduated in English Literature and History.

I am beyond excited to be working on this year’s TEDx committee as curator - alongside Yusuf - as we get to source and collaborate with incredible individuals so that their unique ideas will inspire and provoke conversation from our TEDx audience.”

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Aimee Smith

Marketing Manager

“I’m Aimee, I’m a recent graduate from the University of Manchester doing my MSc here in Leeds in International Marketing Management.

I am really excited to working on the TEDx committee as this year’s marketing manager to bring you the best event to date.”

Louisa Graham-Taylor

Graphic Designer

"I’m a second year student studying Graphic & Communication Design.

I love all things branding related and can’t wait to get creative with this year’s TEDx team!"

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Alkistis Sapounaki


“My name is Alkistis, and I’m a 2nd year BSc Chemistry student here in Leeds. I am really excited to be part of the TEDx committee this year, as the researcher for the blog.

My purpose is to make all the innovative and exciting research, which takes place around the university, known to a wider audience. I really believe in the importance of sharing ideas which can inspire, and I hope I will achieve that.”


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What to have your say?

If you have any interesting ideas or know of any interesting research or events taking place on campus, let us know!

Email: marketing@tedxuniversityofleeds.com