Tomorrow is Today

Bank Holiday Monday May 6th 2019 - Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall

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TEDxUniversityofLeeds is proud to present: Tomorrow is Today!

Following our previous TEDWomen event held in December, our team bring to you the next instalment in our series of annual main events.

The event will be held on Bank Holiday Monday May 6th May 2019 within the University of Leeds Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall at 3pm. Find out more below.

Tickets are now available: HERE

Tomorrow is Today

This year, TEDxUniversityofLeeds has decided to continue building on the futuristic ideas which dominate the world around us. However, a slightly different approach has been chosen. Diving beyond what the future will look like with new research in AI, environment, technology, natural and social sciences, to discover what we do not know about our futuristic present. Which innovative technological applications are used now? How are we advancing science? What can we currently achieve if we use our resources to their full potential?

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Following on from last year...

The ideas shared at the TEDxUniversityofLeeds event “A New Age” revealed how life will be in 30-60 years’ time. Talks concerning eco-friendly housing in entire villages or cities, about hygiene in third countries in 10 years' time and concepts regarding space exploration and computer science all sparked ideas about futuristic technological implications.

So what can I expect now?

The aim of the conference is to take you on an insightful journey of realisation - that developments perceived as ‘futuristic’ are often a lot more concerning than we are led to believe. Ranging from environmental to cultural, this theme embodies a broad range of speakers and performances for our TEDx University event, bringing multi-disciplinary talks to the stage, which appeals to people from various different backgrounds. 

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This year we continue our partnership with LITE who share TEDxUniversityofLeeds' ethos of delivering and increasing access to knowledge and educational content. We want to take this opportunity to thank them greatly for their support surrounding this years event. Find out more about LITE here.

University of Leeds School of Music

 We are delighted to announce that the School of Music have provided this years venue in the Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall! Each year we aim to provide an atmosphere that is actively engaging for the mind; the Centenary Hall truly emulates the environment within which we want to build our event. Thank you School of Music!

On The Day

 The event will begin at 3pm and is set to finish at 6:30pm. There will be 6 speakers (who will be announced shortly) and 2 recorded screenings of exclusive TEDx talks. The day will be split up by a 15 minutes break. After the speakers are finished, there will be a networking session in which you will have an opportunity to continue discussion with our speakers. A buffet will be provided.

Any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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What's next?

Speakers will be announced imminently. Keep updated with our blog and sign up today!

Tickets are now available via the following link

Seats are limited!