TEDxUniversityofLeeds presents TEDWomen

It's confirmed

So firstly, the TEDxUniversityofLeeds committee is beyond excited to announce that we finally have a confirmed date for our first event of the academic year

In line with the Palm Springs, CA conference we will be showing a personally hand-selected session from the conference on Friday 7th December 2018 (put it in your diaries now!).

Keep reading for further information on the details of the events and how to get those all important tickets.

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So, what is it?

As previously mentioned, the TEDWomen2018 event will be taking place between Wednesday 28th- Friday 30th November 2018 in Palm Springs, California. 

The event will be composed of inspirational women that continuously are breaking out, rising up and pushing boundaries. These amazing individuals are compiled into themed sessions what cover a diverse range of specialisms and topics.

Unfortunately, the Palm Springs TEDWomen conference is very far away and sold out. However, no need to worry friends in Leeds - the TEDxUniversityofLeeds committee is bringing you the next best thing.

Therefore, after analysing the selection of participating speakers and sessions available, we have unanimously chosen one that we think perfectly captures the essence of the conference.

This session will be central to our TEDxUniversityofLeedsWomen event and will be streamed for our audience here at the University of Leeds. 

For more information on the actual conference, visitTEDWomen2018 

    Tell me more...

    The event will be broken down into various segments will consist of multiple activities that you can be both be a passive party to and actively participate in.

    The event will consist of:

    (1) The streaming of session 2: 'Getting Started'
    For more information on the speakers and line-up of the event visit: TEDWomen2018 programme or stay tuned for our own blog posts and updates on the TEDxUniversityofLeeds blog.

    (2) An all-female panel composed of inspirational women from and around the University of Leeds who will give their thoughts, ideas and opinions on the previously screened event in relation to their knowledge, research and experience. 
    For more information on the panel please stay tuned for further updates on the TEDxUniversityofLeeds blog.

    (3) A networking event in which you will be able to discuss, engage and network with these previously mentioned individuals, female-focused and -led societies at the University and other audience members.
    But don't worry- refreshments will be provided.


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      Where and when?

      The event will take place at 5:00pm on Friday 7th December 2018 in Western Lecture Theatre in Leeds University Business School

      The event will last approximately 3.5 hours which (as previously mentioned) includes; the streaming of a Palm Springs session, a panel discussion from inspirational women in and around the University and a networking event.

      The networking event will take place in the foyer of the Maurice Keyworth building where you can also get your all-important refreshments. This also then gives way for the opportunity to further engage with the panel, female-led and feminist societies of the University of Leeds about the content of the discussion and talks shown.

      full programme of the event will be released soon on the TEDxUniversityofLeeds blog with full details of the rundown of the event.

        I'm in... how do I get tickets?

        Unfortunately, as the image suggests, we are not selling tickets on campus, instead, we are keeping up with the times and selling them electronically.

        Tickets will cost £4.00 and will be available for purchase from 12pm on Wednesday 28th November (just as the real events starts). 

        Purchase of tickets will be sold through Fixr which you will be able to access through the TEDxUniversityofLeeds website, and you will receive an email confirmation with details of your payment. 

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        Photo credits: Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

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        What to have your say?

        If you have any interesting ideas or know of any interesting research or events taking place on campus, let us know!

        Email: marketing@tedxuniversityofleeds.com