Speakers 4, 5 & 6 - Tomorrow is Today

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Our next 3 Speakers!

 We are delighted to announce our next 3 speakers for 'Tomorrow is Today'!

This year's main event will be held on bank holiday Monday 6th of May at 3 pm in the University of Leeds Centenary Music Hall. We have 6 unique speakers coming to the stage as well as 2 exclusive TEDx video talks. A buffet will be provided at 6:30 pm at the networking event after the talks have finished. The event programme timetabling the event will be released closer to the main event date. Find out more HERE

Oenone Forbat

Oenone is the host of Adultingpod, the coming of age, conversational podcast working out what it means to be an adult. With three successful seasons to date, Oenone has expanded the Adulting umbrella by launching a monthly book club. Oenone's committed following of over 129k have witnessed her evolve from accidental fitness 'influencer' to a writer, podcaster and intersectional feminist, with a real passion for exploring the current and controversial issues rooted in our society. 

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Nicole Raymond

A storyteller in her own right, Nicole is devoted to developing her practice as a composer and turntablist by incorporating real-world sounds and vocalized emotions into her compositions, then translating her experiences (both personal and professional) into immersive live & improvised performances. She is also a strong advocate for diverse representation in the music industry, especially within the DJ and music production realms, and musician wellbeing/mental health.

Angela Preston

International Best Selling Author, TV and Radio Presenter, Motivational Speaker and CEO of AP Coaching and Mentoring Services which offers one-to-one coaching and mentoring to individuals, as well as groups via workshops in areas such as self-esteem, confidence, motivation and leadership, Angela is an advocate for mental resilience and promoting everyone to be the best that they can be!

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